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Bike Fitting

Forget what you know about bike fits. Our new, state-of-the-art GURU Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU) bike fitting system delivers precise, real-time measurements that we transfer to your existing bicycle or use to help you plan your next bike purchase. Our bike fits are based on many different metrics with one goal in mind: to get you comfortable, efficient and having fun on your bike again. We’ve fit Olympians and pro cyclists from the numerous professional cycling teams. But we’ve also fit commuters, juniors, and recovering paraplegics with that exact same goal in mind. Everyone is different, but we all deserve to be comfortable and efficient on our bike.

Bowen Sports Performance is home to one of only two GURU fit units in the state of Oregon, and our fitters are certified by the GURU Academy to use this incredibly versatile bike fit machine to determine your perfect, most current fit. Instead of using your existing bicycle to do a retroactive bike fit, we have the ability to start with the fresh slate the GURU fit unit provides, ultimately telling us which bikes and frame sizes work best for you.


We strongly encourage you to invest in our Pre-Fit prior to buying a bicycle. Typically, eager to purchase a new bike frame, we choose one based on its reputation or reviews by the media. We either choose the frame size we’ve always ridden, or use our best guess to pick one. With our GURU Dynamic Fit Unit, we can determine your current best bike fit, before you purchase your new bike. And with more than 10,000 bike frames in the GURU system, and new frames being added all the time, you’re sure to find multiple options for a bicycle that will fit you perfectly. Even better? A Bowen Pre-Fit is only $100, and we’ll credit $100 toward your Optimal Fit, saving you 30%, after you take possession of your new bike.

Optimal Fit

($200 with Pre-Fit Credit Applied)
Our Optimal Fit is a comprehensive professional bike fit like no other. A Bowen Sports Performance Optimal Bike Fit begins with a complete body assessment, where we carefully consider flexibility, strength, body discrepancies and previous injuries. Many problems we’re able to diagnose during this stage of the fit, like forefoot varus, may explain pain experienced on the bike, and help us provide a solution. We then look at you on your current bicycle and evaluate your position, any discomfort and variances.

Next we put you on the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU) to compare and contrast different positions to determine which is best for you. We can even use automated incline and decline movements to simulate changes in terrain, giving you the ability to test your riding position while climbing and descending.

Finally, we transfer the data from the fit to your bicycle, making adjustments and then gauging your comfort. Adjustments we specifically target include (but are not limited to):

  • Biomechanical Asymmetries
  • Seat Angle
  • Seat Height
  • Pedal/Shoe Alignment
  • Seat Fore/Aft Position
  • Handlebar Reach
  • Handlebar Height

Post-Fit Consult/Follow Up

For clients who have already seen us for an Optimal Fit but want to be reassessed due to major structural/functional changes, or the like, we are happy to offer reassessment at a reduced rate.

— Please note that this option is only available to existing Bowen Sports Performance fit clients

Saddle Fit

With over 50 test saddles in the studio our goal is to find the saddle that works best for each individual. Numbness, back pain, saddle sores, and even biomechanics are all affected by the saddle. The Saddle Fit includes the following steps to help you determine the right saddle for you.

– Measure sit bone width
– Pelvic tilt and hamstring flexibility
– Optimize cycling position for each saddle using the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit

Cleat Fit

Cleat adjustment including fore-aft, stance width, and internal/external rotation, varus/valgus shimming and shimming for leg length differences

— Corrections for foot-knee-hip alignment
— Extensive foot assessment, with specific attention paid to foot/shoe/pedal interface:
– Structural assessment of the foot for footbeds or orthotics


(Save $25 when purchased in tandem with our Optimal Fit)
Cyclesoles are fully custom, moldable footbeds created specifically for the unique needs of cyclists. Fabricated from an ultra-light, thermo-moldable material that is completely new to the cycling industry, Cyclesoles are fitted using an on-the-bike molding platform. Schedule your Cyclesoles fitting now.

Because cycling power input is far more dynamic and different from skiing and running, using on-the-bike fitting creates a distinctively fitted footbed specific to the needs of cycling. Cyclesoles are unique to each individual, and can correct biomechanics anomalies like fallen arches, high arches, medial or lateral deviation of the knee and other issues. In addition to alleviating pain, Cyclesoles improve power by making the transfer of power from the large muscle groups down to the foot much more efficient.

One pair of Cyclesoles can be used in multiple pairs of shoes so you’re comfortable on the road, trail and even the trainer.