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Bowen’s Brewery Battle

Introducing the Fourth Annual Bowen’s Brewery Battle

Bowen’s Brewery Battle is a friendly competition for the Bowen Brewery Trophy, which will be awarded to the team that outperforms the others in the Cross Crusade Series. The winning team will claim the trophy for one year, and be able to adorn it with their brewery sponsor’s tap handle, as well as add the brewery’s name to the champion’s plaque.

Congratulations to the Deschutes Brewery Cycling Team, the owners of the 2017 Bowen’s Brewery Battle Trophy!

More details:

  1. Eligible teams must have major sponsorship from a brewery. Teams should include the terms of their brewery sponsorship when applying for inclusion in Bowen’s Brewery Battle.
  2. Teams must apply for inclusion in the competition by September 15, 2017. We can not add teams after the first Cross Crusade race on October 7, 2017.
  3. Only Cross Crusade races count toward Bowen’s Brewery Battle.
  4. The team that finishes the series with the least amount of points claims the trophy until the end of next year’s Cross Crusade series.
  5. Points will be calculated by adding up the teams’ top-ten placings in each Cross Crusade race. For example, if a team has a 1st place finish in the Masters C race, and a 5th in the Women’s B race, the team will have accumulated six points.
  6. Each team must have at least 10 finishers in each Cross Crusade race. If any team has less than 10 finishers, they will be given one point more than the lowest-placed rider from any Brewery Team for that week for each missing finisher.
  7. Racers must be on their respective brewery team for the entire season. A team roster must be made available at the beginning of the Cross Crusade Series. If a racer should switch teams partway through the series, any points that rider has accumulated will not be counted toward either team.
  8. If a racer is forced to upgrade partway through the series, their team will keep the points earned in the lower category, as well as any points earned in the new category.